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Performer. Musician. Guitarist. Banjoist. Songwriter.

Mitch is known for his energy and showmanship, connecting and engaging with his audiences, and playing for hours straight without breaks. He creates his shows without a set list, and bases them on the audience reaction and building the energy in the room. Mitch says, “The idea of a three piece band excited me, as every member has to pull their weight…” His players Hank Maninger (bass) and Les James (drums) are top notch. Mitch plays so many gigs that he also has back up players Pam Brandon, Bill MacBeath, Tim Wagar, Ken Owen, Jimmy Touzel, and Timothy Orr for the occasions that he is fortunate enough to work with them.



Welcome to 2020 Friends!  We are off and running with great reception of our latest album, Risque Riot and after the show Risque Riot 2 SOLD OUT, Mynx d'Meanor and Mitch Polzak are excited to bring you Risque Riot 3 on July 17th at The Uptown Night Club in Oakland!

  Mitch has some great festival appearances this year too starting in April with  the world renown Viva Las Vegas festival at Dave and Deke's Hillbillyfest, Deke's Guitar Geek show and Mitch Polzak & The Royal Deuces! 

  Mitch will also be performing at the Rockabilly Rave in England with the excellent Spanish band The Kaw-Ligas with whom he toured in Spain with in 2019.  Spanish Record Label Sleazy Records will also be releasing three 45 RPM records that Mitch and The Kaw-Ligas recorded in Spain at the end of their very successful 2019 15 show tour!

  There are plenty of local Bay Area shows with Mitch Polzak & The Royal Deuces, The Seducers, The High Tide Trio, Wagontonge, and Andrew Carrier and The Cajun All Stars on the calendar as well so please join us there too!  Long live live music!!!!