Mitch Polzak and The Royal Deuces were founded in California in 1999, and have been entertaining audiences worldwide with their highly original sound and show ever since. The three-piece band, fronted by Polzak on Guitar and vocals, play a wide representation of American Roots Music from Rockabilly to Honky Tonk. Polzak’s showmanship, as well as his diverse background in multiple genres (including Cajun, Bluegrass and Surf), contributes to what sets his sound and show apart from other bands.


Mitch is known for his ability to engage, connect with and entertain an audience. He is currently the Mayor of his small town, Port Costa, California; so in addition to commanding respect as a musician and performer, he’s also a revered elected public official in his current hometown!


Mitch Polzak plays about 200 shows a year, and is completely committed to his career path as a working musician, with the goal of taking his show to larger audiences around the world this year. He’s known for his energetic shows, which he creates without a set list, basing them on audience reactions and building energy in the room. He gives each show 100 percent, and is also known to perform for several hours straight without breaks.


Mitch Polzak and the Royal Deuces is made up of a variety of experienced veteran musicians. His core players are Hank Maninger (bass) and Les James (drums). Mitch says, “The idea of a three piece band excites me, as every member has to pull their weight…” He plays so many gigs that in addition to his core players, he also has back up players: Joe Kyle Jr., Ken Owen, Jimmy Touzel and Timothy Orr-- for the occasions that he needs them.


Mitch Polzak & The Royal Deuces have played so far in the U.S., Spain, Holland, Belgium, Germany and the Czech Republic; and he looks forward to taking his music to more parts of the world. He just finished his new release, Two Sides to Every Story, which he’s ready to share with audiences. The release is unique, being a dual CD, one disc has vocals and the other all instrumentals. 

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