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By Mitch Polzak

History in the making!

Poster designed by Miguel Ashby. Autographed framed prints available for sale in the mercantile.

THIS FRIDAY (February 18, 2022):

Episode 100 of Live From The Polzak Ponderosa!

Joining us will be two-time Grammy Award winning violinist Mads Tolling and a Polzak Ponderosa favorite Timothy Orr on drums!

Special for this episode: We will revisit some of our favorite scenes (including the famous “Excavator Scene”) from our past 5 film tributes and perform some songs from those episodes only as this trio can do! Hear the unique arrangements for the first time EVER live in real time! “Miserlou”, “Outer Limits” and “For A Few Dollars More” will showcase some of Timothy’s incredible surf chops, and I can’t wait to play “Ashoken Farewell” and “Orange Blossom Special” with Mads! The musical arrangements and alchemy is sure to be nothing short of an adventure! Some music is planned and some will be improvised! The community hang out will be really special as well given the milestone we are celebrating. To commemorate the milestone we will be selling autographed posters from Episode 99 and 100 designed by two of our hardcore fans, Sven and Miguel!

For 99 episodes, we have found so much joy in focusing on the good things in life through music, community, and proof that a Jerk Free Zone on the internet AND Facebook can not only exist, but thrive! We have had world renowned virtual guests, five film tributes involving our fellow listeners and performers, different themes of music and artists every week. We introduced new listeners to this incredible music and facilitated friendships in real time!

The happiest place on the internet! Our internationally attended interactive musical television show continues to bring together classic American music, a wonderful online community and a sense of connection to something good! If you haven’t tuned in for a while or are new to the show, definitely drop by and be entertained and welcomed. This is no ordinary livestream; this show has grown into a first-rate production and fanbase.
Tune in on YouTube or my profile page on Facebook and join our Jerk Free Zone online community! 6PM - 9PM (plus Bag Fries!) s'Pacific Time.

Humble Beginnings

What started as a humble livestream on an iPhone a week after shelter in place orders were given (March 2020) to keep the bills paid during a global pandemic has evolved into a full fledged online interactive TV show bringing professional production on a biweekly basis! The fun and great vibes every week are INCREDIBLE!

To find over the course of 100 episodes that there is a viable need for a show like this has inspired us to connect with as many listeners and viewers as possible. We’re not strangers, just friends who haven’t met yet! Doing this show also comes from my deep desire and passion to keep this music healthy, heard, and enjoyed. With more awareness of our show, the greater the potential to continue this wonderful musical momentum!

The healing power of music

Music is healing and has brought so much to so many during this pandemic. Music tells our stories, makes us laugh, gives us courage, connection, solace, comfort, and strength. It reflects the spectrum of the human condition, teaches us to recognize beauty, and connects us to something bigger beyond this immediate world! Music gives us more love, compassion, and enriches our lives!

Beyond Episode 100

Live From The Polzak Ponderosa is completely viewer supported and we rely on everybody to do what they can to be able to keep this show on the air. During this week leading up to Episode 100 we ask that anyone who has enjoyed the show to help us spread the word about this Friday! Consider inviting someone who might enjoy this music to check it out, and if you know someone who’d like to invest in the show's continuation please have them contact me directly.


Our gratitude for your amazing and generous support of Live From The Polzak Ponderosais immeasurable and we are forever touched that you have helped keep us on the air for almost two years!

Much gratitude and keep on rockin'!

- Mitch Polzak



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